Fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer training laboratory

Fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer training laboratory is the main part of studying chemical engineering. Here are held training lessons for starting from 3rd year in Bachelor programm Chemical Engineering or during first yar of master in Materials science.

1. Fluid mechanics include:

  • laminar and turbulent flow exlploration and Reynold number calculations
  • fluid friction and coefficients of resistance for special pipe components
  • characteristic curves of centrifugal pump
  • fluidized bed (in air or water medium)
  • stirring with several types of impellers
  • plate and frame filterpress

2. Heat and mass transfer include:

  • convective drying
  • water cooling tower
  • free and forced convection
  • plate and tube heat exchanger
  • discontiniuous rectification
  • air drying on silicagel
  • gas absorption in water
  • liquid-liquid extraction


Centrifugal pump and fluidized bed training equipment

Water cooling tower and air drying by absorption training equipment

Convective drying training equipment