IGCE research

IGCE main research areas are biomaterials for bone tissue replacement and regeneration; eco materials or environmentally friendly material development and research, including the exploration of Latvian natural resources such as illite clay. Latest research direction is biotechnology or fermentation studies. Students are welcome to take part in research.

Biomaterials R&D:

  • Calcium phosphate ceramic materials for bone replacement and regeneration
  • PMMA and calcium phosphate bone cement
  • Phosphate glasses and glass-ceramics
  • Calcium phosphate/polymer composites
  • Microencapsulation of biologically active substances
  • Bimodal porous calcium phosphate bioceramic scaffolds for controlled drug delivery, tissue engineering, bone regeneration
  • Implant prototypes
  • In collaboration with Riga Stradins University: in vitro, in vivo and Pre-Clinical studies

Ecomaterials R&D:

  • Thermoelectric materials based on titanium dioxide
  • Electrochemical drinking water treatment technology
  • Ceramic extrusion processes
  • Properties of Latvian clays, including sorption
  • Sorption of various materials


  • Fermentation process research and modeling